MSU Pre-Law Society Executive Board officers define the vision of the society and work to plan, promote, and strengthen all programs and events. Executive board members are elected by the student body each spring.

Executive Board

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Ashley Fernandez External President

Ashley Fernandez is the President of the MSU Pre-Law Society. She is pursuing a Political Science Pre-Law and Journalism double major with a minor in Law, Justice and Public Policy. Ashley has been a part of the Pre-Law Society for four years, previously serving as the Communications Director for two years. 


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Alexandria Nunn Internal President

Ali is in the James Madison College and is pursuing an International Relations and Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy double major. She has been with MSU Pre-Law Society for four years now, previously serving as the Secretary for two years. 


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Makayla Krantz Vice President

Makayla is a senior at Michigan State with a major in English Literature and two minors including Bioethics and Philosophy and Law. This is her second year with the pre-law society.


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Maddie Ebert Secretary

Maddie is a senior with a major in Political Science Pre-Law and a minor in Environmental Sustainability. She is interested in pursuing a career in the field of Environmental Law, with hopes of working for a government agency like the EPA or the United States Department of Energy. This is her second year as a member of the Pre-Law Society.


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Anisa Dagher Communications Director

Anisa is the Communications Director. She is pursuing an International Relations major and Political Economy minor in James Madison College with an interest in refugee studies. Planning to go into International Human Rights Law, Anisa hopes one day to work for the United Nations in refugee resettlement and assistance. She is also the Co-Founder and Co-President of “Empowering Women In Law MSU.”


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Thomas Apling Treasurer

Thomas is a Finance Major with Political Economy and History Minors. He is looking to pursue a career in business law. 



Sub-Committee Chairs

Savannah Huitema.jpg

Savannah Huitema Marketing and Membership Chair

Savannah is a Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy major with a related area in women and gender studies. She is interested in pursuing corporate law and has been with the Pre-Law Society for a year.


Allison Shudark.jpg

Allison Shudark Fundraising and Community Service Chair

Allison is studying Political Science Pre-Law and has been a part of the Pre-Law Society for two years.