MSU Pre-Law Society Executive Board officers define the vision of the society and work to plan, promote, and strengthen all programs and events. Executive board members are elected by the student body each spring.

Executive Board

Alison Shudark

External President

Allison is studying Political Science Pre-Law and has been a part of the Pre-Law Society for three years.



Savannah Huitema

Internal President

Studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy with a focus on women and gender studies. Current intern in the executive office of governor Gretchen Whitmer.
Hoping to attend law school in 2020 or 2021Contact:



Anisa Dagher

Vice President

Studying International Relations with a minor in Political Economy and a focus on human rights issues. Co founder and external president of Empowering Women In Law MSU. Will be interning this summer in the communications and research department of the Truman Center for National Policy in Washington, D.C.



Emily Provencher


 Emily is a junior majoring in Lyman Briggs Human Biology and my minor is in Philosophy and Law. I’m not sure what type of things that you normally include but some volunteer things that I do is that I volunteer at the Lansing Food Shelter, Origami Brain Rehabilitation Center, and Henry Ford Macomb Hospital. Some previous work experience is that I was a law intern at Magna this past summer, I worked as a phlebotomist in an outpatient lab, I work as a paraprofessional and Respite Care Provider for special needs individuals, and I’m a Research Assistant in the Peer and Diversity Lab at MSU



Dominick Violetta

Communications Director

Dominick is the Communications Director. He is studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Currently the editor of the MSU Undergraduate History Review, and will be helping a faculty member with research on executive power in the upcoming school year. He is hoping to enter a PhD program and focus on constitutional order and liberal political thought



Jeremy Frazee


Jeremy is studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy as well Economics. Minoring in Public Relations. Currently an intern at the U.S. House of Representatives working for Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin. Hoping to pursue a career in Civil Rights Law.



Subcommittee Chairs


Fundraising and Community Service Chair

Christian Jackson

Christian Jackson, business preference with an intent to study in accounting or finance. Current Evans Scholar hoping to pursue a career in civil rights law