Posted by Ashley Fernandez

Hi everyone! Elections for our 2019-2020 Executive Board will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:30 PM in North Kedzie Hall, Room 101. Even if you do not plan to run for a position, please be sure to come out and vote for your new Executive Board!

If you are interested in running for a position, please send your resume as well as a letter of motivation to michiganstate.prelawsociety@gmail.com by Monday, April 22nd at midnight. In the email, please rank your top three preferred positions. I have listed a description of the rolls for each of the positions below. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out!

President (External)

  1. Presiding over all meetings and events organized by the Society.

  2. Overseeing the Society to ensure that it complies with the rules and objectives of this Constitution.

  3. Deciding the course of action that the Society will implement.

  4. Act as the primary events coordinator for the Society.

  5. The power to sign checks and employ Society funds for appropriate uses.

  6. Organizing all meetings for the Board, and securing the reservations and arrangements necessary for Society events.

  7. Providing a written agenda for all meetings.

  8. Maintaining contact and communicate with the Advisor(s) and including them in the activities of the Society.

Co-President (Internal)

  1. All duties enumerated in Article VI, Section 1 in the absence of the President.

  2. Assist the President in all duties.

  3. Oversee the actions of the executive board.

  4. Preside over all internal matters and functions of the Society.

  5. Act as the secondary events coordinator, working closely with the President.

Vice President

  1. Assist in presidential duties.

  2. Create PowerPoint presentations for each meeting.

  3. Oversee the “sub-committee” of member chairs, and communicates between the

    executive board and the sub-committee.

  4. Acts as moderator for guest speakers, which includes, but not limited to printing out

    questions for members, e-mailing speaker frequently asked questions, and moderating time remaining for questions.


  1. Ensuring the maintenance of the Society’s monetary account(s).

  2. Maintain a detailed description of the Society’s expenses and revenues.

  3. Petitioning for funds form ASMSU.

  4. Providing the Board and general membership with up-to-date financial information,

    when necessary.

  5. The power to sign checks and employ Society funds for the appropriate uses.

  6. Ensuring that the Society complies with the financial requirements and regulations

    placed on Registered Student Organizations.


  1. Taking notes at all meeting and events organized by the Society.

  2. Providing these notes via e-mail or in printed form to all members who request


  3. Providing these notes via e-mail or in printed form to all officers.

  4. Maintain and record all attendance “points”

  5. The power to sign checks and employ Society funds for appropriate uses.

  6. Typing all amendments to this Constitution and submitting any revisions to all

    departments and persons working with the Society.

  7. Typing and distributing a newsletter or summary of Society events to members on a

    regular basis (see points A and B).

  8. Maintaining and updating a list of members which will include the member’s name,

    address, phone number, e-mail address, and year in school.

Communications Director

  1. Managing and maintaining all social media accounts for the Society, including but not limited to: website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  2. Grow the Society’s social media network and presence.

  3. Regularly updating social media and website on news and upcoming events within

    the Society.

Community Service Chair

  1. Organizing community service opportunities for the Society.

  2. Planning at least, but not limited to, one community service event per semester.

  3. Communicating with the Vice President regarding potential plans.

Fundraising Chair

  1. Organizing at least, but not limited to, one fundraiser per semester.

  2. Working closely with the Treasurer to budget and plan fundraisers.

  3. Communicating with the Vice President and Treasurer regarding potential plans.

Membership Chair

  1. Creating and planning social events for members, with the purpose of promoting cohesiveness within the Society.

  2. Working closely with the Secretary to help record membership activity.

  3. Helping determine the Member of the Semester.

  4. Communicating with the Vice President and the Secretary regarding potential plans.

Marketing Chair

  1. Creating flyers for each meeting.

  2. Managing merchandise such as T-Shirts or sweatshirts.

  3. Working closely with the Communications Director to promote membership of the


  4. Communicating with the Vice President and Communications Director regarding

    potential plans.